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Mavs Moneyball NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest

Know your college hoops? Know nothing but have really good luck? Join our league and play! Hurry, you must enter by Thursday!

We all know who I'm picking to win it all...
We all know who I'm picking to win it all...



We here at Mavs Moneyball have created a special Yahoo! Tournament just for you devoted members of this here site. There are even prizes involved! The overall grand prize winner will get a $100 gift certificate to! That's awesome! The three first place winners will receive our awesome Mavs Moneyball T-shirts in the size of their choice!

You have nothing to lose and OH so much to gain!

Here's the link to join our league!

Password: Nowitzki

Be sure to follow MavsMoneyball on twitter and keep us updated on your progress!

HURRY HURRY... the Tournament starts Thursday and you must have your bracket completed by then! Registration begins at 5:00pm ET today, March 19.

And finally, you MUST MUST MUST read the official rules... so CLICK THIS LINK -> Tourney Rules

Editor's Note: Contributors to this site are welcome to enter but will be ineligible to win prizes. In the event that a contributor wins one of the four prizes, the next highest points scored below him/her will be awarded a prize instead.