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The Mavericks haven't used THAT many starting lineups yet, just ask Rick Carlisle

The Dallas coach jokingly responded to a question about the Mavs 19 different starting lineups in the best way possible.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks deployed their 19th starting lineup against the Rockets on Wednesday night, with Mike James and Brandan Wright getting a turn. It was James' first start and the first time Wright started since way back in November.

Today during his normal meeting with the media, Rick Carlisle was asked about the starting lineups and well, here's what he thought (Via Ball Don't Lie):

(Note: These tweets were originally from beat man Earl K. Sneed. Sneed has since deleted the tweets, but preserved here by Ross Witte).

I've been in the media scrum with Carlisle a few times this season and if there's one thing I learned it's this: the dude enjoys a good cursing. It's never with any malice, it's just the way he talks sometimes. It's his way of joking and playing with the reporters that he sees just about everyday.

For example, after I finished asking Carlisle about the Mavs post play before the season started, Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News asked Carlisle if the Mavs were going to push the tempo more with the younger guards. Carlisle's response? "Well yeah, we're going to push the shit out of it." He smiled as Sefko asked "Can I have a print-friendly version?" to which Carlisle obliged.

Just add this to the ever growing file of "Rick Carlisle is Awesome."