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Game Thread: Dallas Mavericks vs New Orleans Hornets

Aaaaand...we're done. Last game of the season right here, folks. However, the Mavericks do have a chance to finish at .500 with a win -- certainly a noble goal.

Brandon Wade

WHO: New Orleans Hornets

WHAT: Last game of the season!

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 7:00 p.m. CST


THE STORY: It's been a roller coaster season, starting without Dirk and effectively ending the other night when the Mavericks were eliminated from the playoffs -- with a lot of stuff in between. But tonight's the final chapter of the 2012-13 season. The Mavericks still have a chance to finish at .500, which means a lot more mentally than anything else. And realize -- it's going to be months until we see Mavericks basketball again. That's a long time. Savor it, because as glad we are to have this season end, we'll miss it before long.