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Mavericks final score: Mavericks fall to Nuggets 95-94

Doug Pensinger

The Dallas Mavericks lost to the Denver Nuggets 95-94, in Denver, despite the fact that Denver was missing Ty Lawson and lost Danilo Gallinari at halftime. Ex-Mav Corey Brewer led the Nuggets with 23, and Andre Miller added 22, including some clutch buckets down the stretch. For the Mavericks, Brandan Wright led with 16.

This was the most "Mavs" Mavs game to date, as even a decent 4th quarter effort would have been enough to steal a win. Instead, in the last few minutes, these things happened:

1) Ignored Dirk three times running for crucial possessions, spotting him up in the corner for some reason

2) When Dirk finally took the shot, clinging to a one point lead with 45 seconds left, he missed horribly, then, next trip down, got picked. Could be a rhythm thing?

3) The Mavs almost re-intercepted the interception but instead (of course) it bounced directly to Wilson Chandler for a jumper that he, magically, missed, but

4) Instead of getting the rebound, Faried grabbed it and was fouled, but

4) He missed two free throws that would have won it, but

5) Corey Brewer got the rebound, and then

6) Iguodala scored with 2.8 seconds left, resulting in

7) The Mavs last second play, which was apparently, "A contested three by someone who has played 40 minutes since the beginning of March". Probably not what was called. Still. So

8) Those are a few of my favorite things.

On twitter, just before Faried's second miss, which would have tied it, someone tweeted that he'd definitely make it, because Mavs. I replied that he certainly wouldn't, rather he would miss again, but they would get the rebound.It has come to this.

I don't know. I don't have much to say, there's not much to say. This may not be fair, but it certainly seems like the Mavs have been winning the games where the coaching decisions are normal. Mike James aside, in the two games the Mavs have won in the last five, they've started the guys who should be starting--Dirk, Marion, Mayo, Brand, or Dirk, Mayo, Marion, Wright with Brand getting the bulk of the backup minutes.

Against the Lakers and Nuggets, they've started Kaman and ignored Brand and lost.

Against the Lakers and the Nuggets, Dirk has gotten 10 and 13 shots. Against the Bulls and the Clippers he got 17 and 21.

Then again, Dirk got 20, Wright started and Brand backed up against the Pacers and the Mavs got slaughtttttterrreeed. So what do I know.

I spent the game thinking about Kirk's column about roles--the Mavs did this Frankenstein style tonight, combining super weird choices with old standbys (three Vince/Collison shots with Dirk standing in the corner in the last three minutes, followed by two Dirk back-downs), and it just didn't make sense to me. On the other hand ,one more board and they'd have beaten the Nuggets at home, something only three other teams have done this season.

Rest now. It will be over soon.

Fair or not, I've decided to blame all games in which the Mavericks lose and Rick goes to the small lineup late on Rick's choice to go to the small lineup late.