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Who would you rather...

Let's play a game of 'Who would you rather see in the finals" shall we?


Let's start with the Eastern Conference.

Since the beginning of the season, basketball folks have pretty much written in the Miami Heat as repeat champs. Their roster didn't change, and they had themselves a legit season to back up the hype.

The first round didn't prove to be much of a challenge for the Heat as they swept an upstart Bucks team, and for a hot second it looked like the Bulls were going to shock us all and knock the defending champions back on their heels. Well, Nate Robinson would, at least. Now how are we feeling about Miami's chances?

If they win, who would you rather see them take on? The New York Knicks, who appear to be falling apart at the seams, health-wise (too much Rihanna for JR, mayhaps?), or the Indiana Pacers, who are Roy Hibbert-ing themselves to a series lead and possible deep run into the postseason?

Keep your answers in mind when we address the Western Conference... because who you choose here might affect your decision based on who you think might win the West.