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Design the new Dallas Mavericks uniform -- Mark Cuban is listening

Are you a Mavericks fan who has a knack for fashion/graphic design? Mark Cuban is taking suggestions for the new Dallas Maverick uniforms for the 2015-16 season.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There's only so involved you can be as a fan. Go to the games, watch on television and armchair GM every move Donnie and Cubes make. Well, here's a chance to do something that the Mavericks will actually listen to -- on his blog, Mark Cuban is inviting fans to submit "unique and original" designs for a new uniform that could replace the team's primaries in 2015-16.

Always a business owner, there's some fine print -- the uniform design will become the property of the Mavericks and no compensation will be given. Call it crowd-sourcing or cheap, but there's plenty of Mavericks fans who will have no problem spending some time on this just for fun.

So far, the only submissions are jokes -- along the lines of this and this. However, it'd make sense that any serious designers would need time to whip up a creative uniform mock up, as the blog post was realized just a few hours ago. For those interested, designs can be submitted up to May 31st.

Personally, I'd love to see a return of some green, whether it is as a primary color or even as a trim. Those were always some of the sharpest looking uniforms. Plus, there's no other team in the NBA who wear that shade of green -- the Celtics and the Bucks both use darker shades.

Just don't let P. Diddy anywhere near this contest.