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Who would you rather...

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Now we take a look at the Western Conference and who you want coming out on top.


So Miami embarrassed the Bulls last night, eh?

Tonight we see if New York can tie up the series against Indiana, or whether the Pacers will inch closer to facing the Heat in the ECF. After that game, we see whether the Spurs are on their last legs against the young Warriors, or if they have a last gasp to go along with their home court advantage.

Memphis grabbed another victory at home against the Russell Westbrook -less Thunder, taking the series to 3-1. So with that information, who would you rather see winning the West? Who matches up better with Miami? Indiana? Would a Memphis/Golden State Western Conference Finals be totally awesome? Crazy fast offense versus impenetrable defense? Or would a grind-it-out, veteran Memphis/San Antonio game, rife with fundamental basketball, suit your tastes?

Disclaimer: I know how much y'all despise the Spurs. I do. I promise. Try to keep comments to basketball opinions, if you can :)