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The field is almost set, so who's it gonna be?

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Knicks-Pacers is (hopefully) almost over and the West is ready to begin.

Lying down on the job...
Lying down on the job...
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Ok friends, time to get your prediction hats off the shelf and securely on your heads.

The Indiana Pacers are up on the New York Knicks 3 games to 2.
Do they put it away tonight in Indy, or do the Knicks have a little fight left in 'em?

This isn't about who you WANT to win anymore, because that was obviously Indiana (based on your comments). This is about who, back to the wall, you see taking this series. The Knicks got a lucky break with George Hill's concussion, and he's a game-time decision tonight. Jason Kidd, rest his soul, has been a disaster this series. Carmelo Anthony has had moments of 'Melo-ness... and mellow-ness (see what I did there?) Tyler Hansbrough is still the worst. I have nothing of value to add about him except that he's the worst.

So who will be the sacrificial lamb facing Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals?

Or do we prefer a David/Goliath reference? That seems more hopeful, anyway...

We'll chat about the West tomorrow.