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Dwight to consider Mavericks, Rockets

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

According to a CBS story by Ken Berger, Dwight Howard is no lock to return to the Lakers and is intrigued by Houston and Dallas--though, according to that story, more towards Houston.

As in any case, with such rumors, it's hard to know what this means, if anything. Dallas and Houston have both been publicly linked with Dwight for so long that "multiple sources" might just be conventional wisdom. But the Mavericks and Houston can afford it and each has a star to pair with Dwight, and so on and so forth.

Here are the things that are true: Dwight signed with the Lakers with the dream of being the star in constellation Laker town. He'd win a couple of titles with Kobe, Pau and Nash and then glide into being the Lakers star on Kobe's retirement. Circumstances last year made it look like just Kobe and Dwight and then Kobe's injury gave Dwight a sobering glimpse into a potential future in which he's stuck on a terrible team that can't improve....

And that is a heavy thing to have to weigh.

From a logical perspective, the Rockets are a better bet than the Mavericks; their star is younger and they have more assets. And, of course, the smart money is still on him choosing to be prince of Lakerland. People tend to.

But neither logic, nor smart money always have their day.