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Dallas Interested In Really Good Basketball Player

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In the most shocking news of the day, Dallas is interested in a player who might, MIGHT, be on the trade block one day


Sometimes I hate this time of year. There's nothing to talk about so people start saying things for the sake of saying them. This includes people employed by the NBA and it's teams. As ESPN's Chad Ford reports:

The Cavs won't be the only team calling the Kings once they get a new GM in place. Sources say that the Charlotte Bobcats and Dallas Mavericks also will have interest in Cousins if Sacramento's new management decides to cut ties with Cousins.

DeMarcus Cousins MIGHT be traded one day! There are so many hypothetical involved in this situation it makes my brain bleed. First, it is really not revealing that two teams who have had struggles lately might be interested in another struggling team's star player. Second, it's kind of ridiculous because this whole rumor hinges on the fact that the new Sacramento management might decide to cut ties with Cousins based on nothing other than the history of Cousins being hard to manage.

I don't care how hard he is to manage. He's their best asset and he's currently playing on a rookie contract. No one is trading him while he's on that contract without a top 5 pick in return. Which Dallas doesn't have. The Mavericks don't have any other assets in the realm either so let's not get excited about packaging a trade around the 13th pick and Brandan Wright, because it's not happening unless the new Sacramento management hires David Kahn.

I suppose there is always that slim hope.