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A Retirement and a New Hire

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News out of Dallas suggests a shake up in the Dallas coaching ranks

Christian Petersen

A little after 1pm central, news out of Dallas suggests that there are some changes underway with the Maverick coaching staff.

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O'Brien had spent the last season away from his family while helping to coach the Mavericks. Anyone who has ever had to spend time away from loved ones can understand how much of a challenge that had to have been particularly with a demanding job during a tough season. We here at Mavs Moneyball thank him for his work, and wish him well.

On the heels of the O'Brien departure came word of the hiring of Kaleb Canales. Coach Canales will be taking over the "offensive coordinator" role O'Brien filled this last season. He's spent the past nine years working his way up the coaching ranks after having joined the Blazers in 2004 in the role of a video intern.

To go from intern to offensive coordinator in a professional sports league in mere nine years is impressive. I look forward to hearing more about what Coach Canales hopes to bring to the 2013-2014 Mavericks

Earl Sneed has more on the announcement from Rick Carlisle here.