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Miami/Indiana Game Six Thread

The Heat and Pacers clash in a critical game 6. Can the Pacers force a 7th and final game?


The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers face off tonight in Indiana in game six of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Pacers will try to prolong what has been a fantastic series so far, featuring incredible individual performances, controversy, and close finishes. If Indiana does win, game seven would be Monday night in Miami, pushing the title-favorite Heat to the brink of elimination. Meanwhile, the hated Spurs wait obnoxiously for their finals opponent to emerge.

The big news to come out today, as most of you know, is that Miami Heat big man Chris Anderson will be suspended for the game, after shoving Tyler Hansbrough in game five on Thursday night. In case you weren't aware, Chris Anderson shot 100% from the field in his last four games, which is pretty good.

Who are you rooting for? Or rooting against, as it might be? Who's your X-Factor for the game?

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