Shawn Marion on the move?


Is Shawn Marion on the move?

According to's Chris Sheridan, the Mavs are discussing trading Shawn Marion and 13th pick to the Cavs for their 19th,31th and 32th pick.

As we all are aware Mavs are looking to clear up as much cap space in order to go after the big FA's of this summer Dwight or/and Paul.On the other hand the Cavs have been looking for a while to add a quality SF and they could certainly use some veteran leadership and rebounding in Marion around their young core.Obviously Mavs will not deal their starting SF and their 2012-2013 leading rebounder without having an assurance they have real chances to sign a big impact player, therefore they are in no rush to pull the trigger on this deal.In any case, Cavs are also targeting Celtics Paul Pierce who has only 5 mil guaranteed out of his 15 mil for next season.

If this deal goes down, it will be the second consecutive year that Cavs move up the draft while trading their late picks with the Mavs.Last year, Mavs traded their 17th (Tyler Zeller) for Cavs 24th (Jared Cunningham), 33th (Bernard James) and 34th (Jae Crowder)

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