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Dallas trading down, now owns 18th pick

The Dallas Mavericks have selected Kelly Olynyk and traded him to Boston.


Update: The Mavs have traded the 16th pick (picked Lucas Nogueira) to the Atlanta Hawks, for the 18th and 44th overall picks and last year's first round pick Jared Cunningham.

Cunningham was worth about $1.2 Million, and dropping to 18 saves them somewhere around another $150-$200,000 dollars.

Meanwhile, Schroeder and Tony Mitchell may still be available.


Kelly Olynyk of Gonzaga has been selected by Dallas Mavericks and traded to the Boston Celtics.

Adrian Wojnarowski broke the story via Twitter:

All things considered, this doesn't look like too bad a trade, even if it is predictably boring. The Mavericks can pick at 16, and still have a shot at getting a draft and stash candidate, and they picked up a pair of second rounders for the pleasure(sound familiar?)

Olynyk had appeared a few times in mock drafts going to Dallas, but on paper he looks like a pretty awful fit with Dirk.

Stay tuned to see what Dallas does at pick #16!