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Dallas Mavericks use 18th Pick, select Shane Larkin

Mavericks trade down to 18th, take Miami point guard Shane Larkin.

Rob Carr

After trading the 13th pick (Kelly Olynyk) to Boston and the 16th pick (Lucas Nogueira), Jared Cunningham, and the 44th pick to Atlanta, the Mavs take 20-year-old Miami point guard Shane Larkin with the 18th pick from Atlanta.

The Mavs essentially got Larkin for Jared Cunningham's contract, so they have saved approximately $400,000 dollars by trading back twice. If the Mavs renouncing OJ, this gives them almost exactly $19 million in cap space, about $1 million short of Dwight money.


Mavs actually saved closer to $200,00 dollars. With the trade of Cunningham, the Mavs have incurred an approximate $500,000 roster charge, though there is close to a $200,000 difference between Cunningham and Larkin's contracts. This would put the Mavs at about $18.7 million if OJ is renounced.

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