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POLL: What's your opinion of the Dallas Mavericks draft day dealings?

The Mavericks traded down to select Shane Larkin with the 18th pick in the NBA draft.

Joel Auerbach

The Mavericks started with the 13th pick and the 44th pick.

The Mavericks ended the draft with Shane Larkin for the 18th, two future second-round picks from the Boston Celtics, and dumped Jared Cunningham's contract (trading away the 44th pick while doing so).

They were able to save money and brought their cap space to $18.7 million (by our own Hal's calculations), getting closer to the amount needed to sign Dwight Howard to a max deal (around $21 to $22 million, depending on next year's calculations). But also, they gave up assets to move down in the 16 to 18 Atlanta trade. Both Michael Carter-Williams and Trey Burke were gone at pick 13, but Shabazz Muhammed and Dennis Schroeder were available at various points in the draft.

What's your initial thoughts?