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Jason Kidd has decided to retire

After two colorful stints with the Mavericks, the 19-year veteran announced his retirement on Monday.

Christian Petersen

Jason Kidd has made the decision to retire as of Monday, ending an 19-year career that included two stints with the Mavericks.

Although his time with the Mavericks ended on a poor note, Kidd's name is written all over the history of the Dallas Mavericks. Starting with the three J's, Kidd's departure set up the Steve Nash era. Trading Devin Harris for him was controversial, but the story turned out well when he played a crucial role in the 2011 NBA Championship.

Certainly, there is no doubt that Kidd is one of the best point guards to ever play the game, and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame when his time comes. For now, thanks for all the memories.