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Great Shot or The Greatest Shot in Finals History?

On a slow day for Mavs news, we revisit a some good memories

Brandon Wade

I've been trying to recall the first time I really believed Dallas was going to win the 2011 Title. There are lots of options, but in my mind there's only one clear winner.

We start when Jason Terry went bananas over the Lakers

That was a good time. Heck, who am I kidding, that was a GREAT time. Watching the spirit of Laker fans break is a rewarding experience. But it wasn't the best thing to happen that playoffs.

Then there was this game, where Dirk effectively ethered the Thunder in one game...

This will always be an amazing game to consider. Did I think the Mavs could win the title? Not yet.. What can it be then?

Well, it;s NOT the entire game 2 of the finals. Though that 15 point run was among the greatest in the history of basketball. Watch this and tell me you did NOT get chills.

How insane is this video? How crazy was this game? Dear Lord I have the shakes after watching that thing. I didn't believe yet, at least not entirely. This game was a miracle, one I'm thankful for, but a miracle nonetheless.

Okay, okay, I'll stop teasing you. This shot here made me believe. The greatest shot in finals history in my mind will always, always be this gem:

Do you remember this? It was a back breaking shot. Till then, till this moment, I'm not sure I truly believed it was possible that Dallas could beat Miami. They were capable of streaks of pure dominance and Dallas had seen so much heartbreak in the previous decade. But this Mahinmi dagger will linger in my memory forever. It's my favorite shot in finals history. That's probably an insane statement, but it's mine and I'm sticking with it.

Plus, it eventually lead to this video which is an internet favorite.

What are your favorite finals moments? Share in the comments and link a video if you can find one!