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Devin Harris and Mavs back away from deal, Shane Larkin breaks ankle

When news breaks about the Mavericks, it breaks fast. After news that the Mavericks were signing free agent guard Monta Ellis earlier in the day, they suffered two setbacks due to injury.


According to Marc Stein, the Mavs and Devin Harris have "mutually" agreed to scrap their deal because Devin Harris needs surgery for a toe injury. Harris, widely seen as a steal at 3 years, $9 million, was likely to start at the 2 before the signing of Monta Ellis and now, presumably, is an unrestricted free agent again.

This move probably also clears cap space for the Mavs to sign Ellis AND Dalembert, so it certainly feels like there's another shoe out there of some kind waiting to drop. Especially if this is "mutual". According to Stein, the Mavs remain interested in signing Harris, but since they're not likely to get a better deal, it's unclear why the two parties would change their plans.

UPDATE: The other news of the evening revolves around Mavericks first-round draft pick Shane Larkin, who reportedly broke his ankle in a summer league practice. The combination of these two injuries seem to shed some light on what seemed like, at first, a strange signing of Monta Ellis to an already congested Mavericks backcourt.