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Summer League Game Three Thread

The Dallas Mavericks take on the D-League Select Team today from the Thomas and Mack center in Las Vegas.


The Dallas Mavericks continue their Las Vegas Summer League tour, and will take on the NBA D-League Select Team. As of now, Dallas is currently the #12 seed, under the new "point system" seeding the NBA has used for Summer League action this year. Today's game will determine whether they play Thursday(they'd need to get to the 10th seed or better) or Wednesday.

For those wondering, the NBA D-League Select Team is:

Zach Andrews

Brian Butch

Nick Covington

Mickell Gladness

Stefhon Hannah

Ron Howard

Darnell Jackson

Chris Johnson

Elijah Millsap

Jamarr Sanders

Dominique Sutton

Kyle Weaver

Dallas will be without Bernard James for the second game in a row, as the 2nd year center went back to Dallas:

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