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Good Morning from Vegas


Just got in last night, which means the Vegas experience is being covered live by myself, LJ, and Alan, with Kirk on the way. Last night I slept on a pile of blankets in a corner at the SBnation house, so I'm rarin' to go.

Relevant facts so far:

1) Gal Mekel is the Most Intriguing Maverick so far. I love his poise, and the creativity of his passes. But he hasn't shown a consistent offensive game, which, if indicative, gives defenses the liberty to sag back, and wait on those passes, something D-league teams may not be disciplined enough to do. He's also been a pretty bad free throw shooter so far, which is bad news fora point guard.

2) Jae Crowder is Hard to Judge. On the one hand, Jae has scored pretty well. On the other hand, the only shot we currently know for sure he can get in the NBA is three-pointers and he has continued to be offensive to god and man from that distance. He's also remained a pretty bad rebounder for somebody with his size and rebounding chops. If the shots he seems to have added to his arsenal are still gettable against NBA defenders, he could have a better year, but if they aren't, it will remain ugly.

3) Josh Akognon Has Been Great, but It Probably Doesn't Matter. Akognon is averaging a lot of points, and has shown himself to be a true marksman. But, he's 27, small, and not a point guard. The Mavs knew he could shoot when they had him last year, and knew Morrow could shoot even better, and didn't play either of them.If more Mavs guards go the way of all Spinal Tap drummers, who knows. But...

4) I Love Ricky Ledo But He's Been Inconsistent and Gotten Inconsistent Playing Time Which Makes Me Wonder if the Mavs are Really Going to Give Him a Chance. I guess that's all of this one.

5) No One Else Has Really Been Impressive. Am I wrong on this one? What do you guys think?

More soon.