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NBA Free Agency: Mavs Lose out on Bledsoe

A deal was struck today that sends Eric Bledsoe to the Suns and probably off the market for the Mavs.


Yesterday evening, we reported that the Mavs were working on a miracle sign and trade that would send O.J. Mayo to the Clippers for Eric Bledsoe.

Well, today, Adrian Wojnarowski dropped this little piece of news, in typical WojBomb fashion:

So, the Bledsoe deal is off the table for the Mavericks. And, as other people have pointed out, you can't really blame the Clippers either: that deal is fantastic for them, and leagues better than anything the Mavericks could have offered. Why the Bucks have agreed to it, though, is anybody's guess.

As far as the market goes, now, the Mavs are back to square one: setting up for Plan Powder, hoping on a prospective Rondo deal, and figuring out how they can nail down a few role players (and especially point guards) in the process.

All hope of getting something out of this is not lost, however. The Suns now have three really good point guards, and two with extreme upside in Bledsoe and Marshall, and there's been a lot of speculation that the Suns will just turn around and deal Bledsoe back out, or deal starting PG Dragic and trust the development of their new crew.

The Mavs might now be turning the Cuban-deal charm over in Phoenix's direction now, with the hope of landing one member of their talented trio...if Dallas doesn't pull the trigger on someone like Jose Calderon first.

It's also probably worth mentioning that the market for a Mayo sign-and-trade is dwindling fast. Minnesota just sent Kevin Martin a 4 year $30 million offer sheet, the Clips got Reddick and Dudley, and the Bucks no longer have Reddick. That said, the worst case scenario here is that we simply let Mayo go on his merry way and take the cap space he leaves us, which just isn't that bad.

Regardless, it looks like Dallas seems geared to continue trying to teach the main lesson that it's been teaching for the last two years: "hope springs eternal...and so does disappointment."