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Bucks Closing in on deal with O.J. Mayo

This morning, I sarcastically tweeted this out, mainly to troll my Bucks friends.

Someone, somewhere was listening to me. According to Adrian Wojnarowski the Bucks may well get O.J. Mayo

Obviously, things could change, but Woj has made a career out of being first and being right. I tend to see his reports as gospel.

A day after officially losing out on J.J. Redick, the Bucks may have found a replacement in Mayo. I've never been very high on Mayo (and neither have advanced stats) but an outright loss like this might be problematic for Dallas. The sign and trades discussed yesterday were promising. They were also unlikely. Our friend Bryan Gutierrez points this out succinctly:

The "wait for Howard" approach may leave Dallas with some interesting decisions come next week.