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Mavs to Sign DeJuan Blair?


Update: It appears that the Mavs deal to get DeJuan Blair is basically done. Blair tweeted this out a few moments ago:

Players typically aren't allowed to say anything along the lines of "Bye SA, I'm off to Dallas!" until deals are pretty much official, lest they suffer fines and such. If Blair is openly talking about becoming a Maverick, then odds are, he's more ore less been added.

Of course, nothing official as of yet and players have a tendency to do dumb stuff.

But hey, it's look like we have a new, solid rebounder on the roster.

Original Post:

Surprising news from the FA front today, as Stein reports that the Mavs are looking into ex-Spurs' reserve big man DeJuan Blair. Blair's minutes dropped from 21 to 14 last year, and his numbers from 9.5-5.5 to 5.5-4 but this would probably be a solid pick-up for the Mavs. Blair is only 6'7" and has no ACLs, but he is a very solid rebounder for a team that's likely to be lacking in that category, and he has some mid-range touch. He's especially good on the offensive boards, and offensively, around the basket.

More on this as it happens.