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Report says Dwight has made decision, then backtracks

The Dwight Howard saga will soon come to a close, it seems. OR MAYBE NOT.



What does this mean? You tell me. That he's announcing decision today? That he's not announcing via twitter? That he hasn't even decided? Check back for another update because I currently have no clue.


According to Lakers beat writer Janis Carr, Dwight Howard has made his decision and will reveal which team he is signing with this weekend.

He also send this tweet:

This actually could be good news for the Mavericks, suggesting that he is waiting for them to clear Marion from the cap in a trade before actually signing with the team. Of course, it could also suggest the same for Golden State.

Most likely, Dwight just has a taste for the dramatic and, with every NBA eye hanging on him, he's not in a rush. I guess we'll see.