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NBA Free Agency: Mavericks make a move, sign Calderon to 4-year deal

Dallas has long had interest in the Spanish point guard. After striking out on Dwight, the Mavs quickly struck a deal with this more than solid point guard.


Well, this is fantastic.

Per various reporters (ESPN, Yahoo!), the Mavs have signed veteran point guard Jose Calderon for 4-years, $29 million.

Two of the Mavs biggest weakness were center and point guard last season. Consider one of those holes properly filled (ew). Calderon has his warts as a defender, but his career shooting slash line is 48.3/39.3/87.7. He's one of the best shooting point guards of all time, and more importantly, he knows how to run an offense.

His career assist to turnover numbers have always been near the top of the league. Between Detroit and Toronto last season, he posted an 18 PER.

The Dwight news hurts. But the Mavs have a starting point guard. Worried about the contract size? Don't be. Golden State traded Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins...TO THE SAME DAMN TEAM.

Next up? A center. Have sweet Mavericks dreams of a healthy Andrew Bynum and Omer Asik. More on this move tomorrow.