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The Dirk Nowitzki Journey

With a lean NBA month upon us, it's time to look back before looking forward

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Andy, Josh, and everyone else keep rightfully pointing out that the main difference between this season and last will be Dirk Nowitzki. He hasn't had a healthy training camp in two years. It doesn't so much matter to us here at MavsMoneyball what other teams have done with their off seasons. A healthy Dirk, even at his age, trumps any addition outside of Dwight Howard. Dirk is coming for the league next season. Everyone had better be ready.

So with that in mind I wanted to take a look back. Credit should go out to The Baskeball Post's Rafael Uehara (follow him on twitter), as about two weeks ago he went on a twitter binge of Dirk videos. For about an hour and a half, I got lost in the vortex. Now, you will too.

Let's just start with the good stuff: Dirk Nowitzki's Journey. A twelve minute video recap of Dirk's career set to Hans Zimmer.

Up next we travel back in time to the 1998 Hoop Summit where a young German takes the US Team by surprise and shoots about a million free throws.

Does everyone remember the "Where Amazing Happens" campaign from the NBA? This on predicted Dirk's rise to the championship.

That time Dirk went for 50 in the 2006 Western Conference Finals

The insanely good follow up BIG ad which focused on Dirk

This, whatever the heck it was, still makes me laugh

Sire Charles Barkley shares the time Dirk lit Scotty Pippen on fire in an international game. This is stellar all the way around.

The most recent NBA commercial reminding us that Dirk is a giant slayer and a world wide figure

Watching this stuff makes me ready for the season. Like right now. Dirk Nowitizki!!!!!!!! Be sure to post anything you love in the comments!

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