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I'm retiring, so where's my gold watch?

Out with the old guard and in with the new.

Chris Chambers

So I'm retiring.

You may have noticed that I've disappeared behind the scenes over the last year or so as I attempted to get my personal life in order. Since December, I've moved to Texas, started (and subsequently stopped) taking classes, moved from College Station to Houston, and changed jobs three times. Every so often, it takes a person more time than 'normal' to find their way. I'm 28, I have two degrees, and I've just stumbled into my dream job. The downside to all this happy news is that I no longer have the time to give this beloved community the attention it deserves.

Seven (eternally) long years ago, I joined this tiny little blog in order to vote for my then-boyfriend's article. He wanted to be the new recap guy, and apparently he needed my vote to get him there. I initially stayed away after I joined, because who in their right mind spends time on a nerdy basketball blog? During a game, no less? But then I made the mistake of joining a game thread. And then I ended up ghost-writing recaps for my workaholic significant other. And then I got my own account and published as myself.

And then I became the manager.

For many of you still on this blog, you know the story already. I stumbled into this weird little Basketball Internet world and became completely and utterly engrossed. And now, as I figuratively ride off into the managerial sunset, I can say with total confidence that my life has been irrevocably changed for the better.

Since taking over the site, I've had the opportunity to cover NBA and WNBA basketball games as a member of the press. I spent weeks in Las Vegas not only covering Summer League, but forging friendships with people who have ultimately become paramount in my life, including my incredible boyfriend. I've been witness to this team's only Championship. And as some of you will remember, I got to celebrate it with them.

On a more local level, I've gotten to be a part of the growth of a site that knew it wanted to be great but didn't know how. I am honored to have found some of the finest basketball minds around to feature on this site, and I am even more delighted to call them my friends. If it wasn't for these folks, I wouldn't have the confidence to step away. I would legitimately trust any one of these writers with the future of this site, but I have decided to tap Tim Cato because he brings youth to the roster, and has a high upside.

On a serious note, I'm not disappearing entirely. I'll still be covering games from Houston, and I'll help out with recaps if the need arises. I know I'll miss the hell out of managing this site, but I am fully confident that you will all continue to show Tim the support and respect you've shown me over these three glorious years.

And finally, I want to thank you all, loyal members, for making this job something that will bring me immeasurable pride for the rest of my life. I couldn't have done any of it without you.