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Memphis Grizzlies sign former Mavericks' draft pick Nick Calathes

A former Maverick prospect is now an NBA player, but not for Dallas.

David Ramos
The Mavericks' 45th draft pick from 2009, traded to Memphis in the middle of the off-season, has officially been signed to a two year contract.

There's no telling whether Calathes will turn out to be an NBA-quality backup for the Grizz, but they clearly believe he might be. The Mavericks point guard position of the past few years has hardly been a beacon of strength, yet Calathes was seemingly ignored by the team.

It's doubtful Nick Calathes is going to turn in a multiple-year All Star or anything, but it's frustrating to see the Mavericks give away another young player for virtually nothing. Wouldn't Corey Brewer or Jordan Hamilton look nice coming off the bench for the Mavericks this season?

What do you guys think? Mad we let go a point guard prospect for next-to-nothing, or does it not even matter?