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Dallas and Cents: August 26, 2013 Edition

A look around the web at what's being said about the Dallas Mavericks.


1. Jack Winter at Hardwood Paroxysm takes a comprehensive look at the Mavs' offseason additions and subtractions, and offers a little commentary on what the moves could mean for the upcoming season.  Doesn't say much that hasn't already been said (Calderon and Ellis are expensive, will be bad on defense, etc.) but the last couple paragraphs offer an interesting (and rather jaded?) take on the team going forward.

2. The Two Man Game had a nice series of posts this past week, "Running the Weave," featuring their contributors' takes (including our own Kirk Henderson) on players and expectations for them going forward (young point guards, new players, etc.).

3. Mavs PR features Dirk in a new video, "Guess What Day It Is?", a take on the Geico "Hump Day" commercial, which if you haven't seen it, you should just stop everything and watch over and over.

4. Speaking of Dirk's acting and singing abilities, Dallas Morning News compiled a nice convenient reel for our viewing pleasure, and Foot Locker/Nike's new Kevin Durant spot has a fun Dirk cameo as well.

5. In keeping with Mark Cuban's focus on athlete analytics, Dallas Morning News also reports that the Mavs are one of eight NBA teams that will use GPS devices to "track player movements and body vitals" during practices and preseason games to optimize training efficiency.

6. Jae Crowder is keepin' it real (is that how they say it?) with his company this offseason, hanging with rapper Trinidad James and former Mav O.J. Mayo. (If like me, you had to ask who Trinidad James is, here's a quick primer.)

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