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Poll Time! Scheduling Conflicts

Which team are you most looking forward to Dallas playing in 2013?


It's weird, with today's fluid NBA filled with shorter contracts for players, it becomes harder to develop that good old fashioned fan hatred for a guy. There's still that team hatred, but more fun when it's associated with a particular guy. Think Matt Barnes; he still makes you mad, doesn't he?

When those guys move around that team hatred is still there, but for me at least, I have a harder time hating the team with as much intensity as I used to. Unless it's the Lakers. Or the Spurs. Everyone else though?

With that in mind, I'm interested in hearing which team our readership is most interesting in playing next season. I'm leaving out the Spurs and Lakers for obvious reasons. Let us know in the comments why you feel a certain way!

Everyone have a good weekend too, we have a few things coming tomorrow as well!