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Dallas and Cents: September 18, 2013 Edition

A look around the web at what's being said about the Dallas Mavericks

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Hang in there folks, we're almost to the season - a little over a month to go! Here are some things you may have missed over the past few days:

1. Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News and Lang Greene of USA Today's Hoopsworld both wonder whether critics are underestimating Monta Ellis's ability to be successful in Dallas.

2. Via Fansided, Devin Harris is out of his walking boot and on track for a December or January return. In another good piece of injury news, Pro Basketball Talk reports that Shane Larkin and his ankle are ready to go for training camp.

3. The Mavericks rank 19th in USA Today's watchability rankings. Make of that what you will, I suppose. I know we all here will be watching away.

4. has a nice interview with Samuel Dalembert about how he sees himself impacting the team.

5. The Forbes Top 400 Richest Americans list is out, and Dallas sports ownership is well represented with Jerry Jones at 166 and Mark Cuban at 222nd.

6. The Dallas Mavericks Dancers' photo shoot is today, and the team is chronicling the day on its Instagram account, if that's your sort of thing.