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Let's Help the Mavs Caption This Fun Picture!

A little contest to entertain us all today. With prizes! (Maybe.)

George Frey

You know what people don't do enough? Caption contests. We here at Mavs Moneyball have decided to change this, at least for today and also because I'm sitting on an airport floor waiting for a flight that's delayed and in need of amusement.

If you're on Twitter and you don't follow the official Dallas Mavericks Twitter (@dallasmavs), you're missing out. Yesterday and today, they've been chronicling the Dallas Mavs' Dancers photo shoot via both their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Also today, they posted a fun picture featuring Shane Larkin, Jae Crowder, Bernard James and Ricky Ledo that is in flat out desperate need of a caption:

So, let's hear it, MMB readers. Throw out your caption ideas in the comments below. Best caption wins a prize of my choosing to be announced later, so you'll definitely want to participate.

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