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Shawn Marion is getting an MRI? Or he just hates them?


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So I've had an energy beverage and I feel fantastic. Like I could wrestle an alligator. My day at work is slower than Christmas so I'm perusing the twitter, reading articles and chatting with coworkers. Then I see this.

What the heck is that? I know it's Troll Tuesday, but that's not a thing to joke about. Is he getting an MRI? Or is he just stating a fact. If it's the latter, I totally get it. I hate MRI's too. It sounds like you're being shot at by a blind person for about 30 minutes. If it's the former... well, I'd like to know why and what for. Maybe I missed something elsewhere (I'm sure someone will tell me in the comments and casually suggest I'm an idiot) but this sort of open ended statement on a slow news day when I'm on a caffeine surge has sent me into a bit of a panic. Outside of Dirk, Shawn is a stabilizing force for Dallas.

Since he's 35, any injury before the season starts is bothersome news. Pre-season games start in 2 weeks, with the regular season starting in a little over a month. Whatever is going on with Marion (if anything), I hope he gets it figured out soon.

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