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Vote for the Mavs' new alternate jersey

The Dallas Mavericks are allowing fans pick their next alternate jersey from 10 fan-created designs.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In May, Mark Cuban took to his blog to ask Mavericks fans to come up with a design for a new alternate jersey. Dallas introduced a new road alternate jersey in 2011 that quoted elements of the popular green P. Diddy jerseys from the mid-2000s. However, 2011 is like forever ago and the Mavs need to stay current, hence Cubes' contest.

After at thousand or so entries, ten designs have been singled out. Now you, the fan, can vote for your favorite. Of course, you do so knowing that the Mavericks are slated to make heaps of money off any new jersey while the person behind the design gets a pat on the back and a "good job" sticker for their effort. Cuban sure does know how to get the most bang for his buck, or rather no buck in this case.

Anyway, you can vote for your favorite jersey at Thankfully, all of the designs are much better than those ill-fated silver jerseys.

The third and eighth designs are my personal favorites. Right now, the ninth design, which features a silhouette of the Dallas skyline, has the most votes.

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