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Mavs Media Day: An MMB-exclusive chat with Devin Harris

Media Day is a crazy place made for television stations and veterans, but I managed to stop Devin Harris for a quick conversation.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Tim: Initial reactions to being back in Dallas?

Devin: I'm excited. I was excited when the opportunity presented itself and excited to get started working out.

It's got to be good to be playing with a guy like Dirk again.

I missed the German. I got tired of playing against him, it's good to be back on the same side.

No timetable for the return yet?

Not yet.

But you're feeling good?

It's good, everything's on schedule. We'll see. I'm taking it slow, one day at a time.

You played a lot of shooting guard in Atlanta, is that something you've added to your game and can bring to Dallas?

It's something I've always been able to do. Primarily play the point guard position but here I think I'll be playing both. I can play either position, guard either position. Obviously, the more positions you play, the more time you spend on the court.

How do you think you'll be able to play off of Jose and Monta?

Jose is more a pass-first point guard, so I'll be the more aggressive [guard]. Obviously, playing with Monta, we'll figure it out as we go.

What about the rookies -- do you see yourself as a mentor?

We have a lot of young guards, Shane, Gal and those guys. I'll point them in the right direction and help if I can. I had a lot of guys who did it for me when I was here so I'll be glad to do so.

Do you see a lot of potential in them?

Obviously, both guys are talented and both guys are here for a reason.