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Dallas and Cents: September 8th, 2013

A look around the internet at what's being said about the Dallas Mavericks.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure most of you won't see this until Monday, but I needed something to do other than check fantasy scores. And wouldn't you know there's been a ton of things posted on Dallas since Rebecca did a Dallas and Cents last week.

1.) From Wurzburg to Worldwide. This 45 minute documentary on Dirk was on Fox Sports Southwest a few weeks ago, but if you are like me and live elsewhere, you missed this really cool look into Dirk's career. I hate the fact that since we're on the tail end of this journey we are starting to see career retrospectives of Dirk, but they are still awesome to see, nonetheless.

2. Mark Cuban appeared on the Artie Lang show last week and had things to say on finding a coach and why he won't trade Dirk. Sometimes I don't agree with Cuban, but I love his decisiveness and his willingness to talk about his thought process.

3. Rant Sports reminds us that the role Jose Calderon has with the Spanish national team is wildly different than his role with the Mavericks next season.

4. Former teammates of former Maverick Lamar Odom worry about his well being. The lack of Dallas Maverick comments in this stood out to me; Dallas was the one place Odom was not liked, with the players going to far as to vote to NOT give him a share of the playoff money (teams get a 'bonus' for making the playoffs. It's not much, but this was a big deal at the time).

5. Rant Sports seems to think that Odom's problem with drug use explains his time in Dalllas. I don't buy that for a minute. Dan Devine at Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie provides some thoughts surrounding Lamar's one-day stay in rehab. I don't care for Lamar Odom as a basketball player, but as a person, I hope he sorts out his problems.

6. J.J. Barea tells Slam Magazine he'd be open to coming back to Dallas. Seems unlikely, mainly because Dallas has eleventy point guards.

7. If you're on twitter, chances are you've seen ESPN Truehoop's thoughts on tanking; does it need to be fixed, if so how, and on and on. Kevin Arnovitz has a really fantastic post on the Milwaukee Bucks and why they haven't tanked despite being remarkably average for years. It's really excellent in that it reminds the basketball world that not every franchise has the immediate goal of winning a championship right now. The Bucks are a bit of a weird case, mainly because their moves don't seem to build towards a specific play style or goal.

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