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2014 Maverick Resolutions

Resolved! In the 2014 the Mavericks resolve to...

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Do you have a New Year's resolution? I do. I've gotten a bit fat since my back surgery and I want to become less fat.

While I'm sure the Mavericks have resolutions of their own, we here at Mavs Moneyball have taken it upon ourselves to come up with resolutions for them. This is compilation from the entire staff.

DeJuan Blair

  1. Call R.C. Buford, ask if his refrigerator is running
  2. Lead more fast breaks

Jose Calderon:

  1. Appear to play defense at least twice a week
  2. Take more shots because I am really good at them when I'm open.

Vince Carter:

  1. Chuck with less conscience.
  2. Give Brandan Wright a significant portion of my salary.
  3. Make a firm decision about whether or not the headband is part of my life. Either way, give Tim Cato the exclusive on my decision.

Jae Crowder

  1. Why would I need to work on anything?
  2. Dunk in a game.

Samuel Dalembert:

  1. Convert on contested dunks 20, even 30% of the time.
  2. Do the splits after making a sweet play.

Wayne Ellington:

  1. Remind coach of existence
  2. Prove I can shoot.

Monta Ellis:

  1. Have more confidence.
  2. Write a self help book on having it all.

Devin Harris:

  1. Two words: Cyborg. Ankles.
  2. Play a game for the Mavericks.

Bernard James:

  1. Go back in time, start playing basketball as a youth

Shane Larkin:

  1. Grow four inches
  2. Shave off my mustache because it's not a good look and I just now realized this.
  3. Remember how to attack and shoot.

Shawn Marion:

  1. Start shooting floaters from the three-point line. Why not?
  2. Get that finger looked at.

Gal Mekel:

  1. Ask Jae for shooting tips.
  2. Work on handsomeness

Dirk Nowitzki:

  1. Improve swag.
  2. Regrow beard.
  3. Shave head, hopefully in conjunction with a regrown beard.
  4. Dunk more.

Brandan Wright:

  1. Stop missing shots. Ever
  2. Come up with an elaborate dunk celebration, preferably something like Dhalsim's celebration dance.

Most of these are meant in jest. Happy New Year everyone!