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Monta Ellis Jr. also has it all; wins Dance Cam contest

Last night's Dance Cam contest at American Airlines Center may or may not have been rigged.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been to a professional sporting event, you've seen this often enough. People in the audience doing crazy things for free stuff. Well, last night at American Airlines Center during the Mavericks-Pelicans game, the Dance Cam contest took an interesting turn.

I mean, okay. Dallas is a nice city. I own some designer clothes, and I'm not rich. Nothing weird about a child rockin' some swank threads to a gam......


WELL DANCE CAM JUST GOT MORE INTERESTING! I was just minding my own business, waiting for Dirk to come out when all of a sudden Monta Ellis confirmed that it was his son in the ballin' Gucci sweatshirt who won the contest. And his name is, in fact, Monta Ellis Jr.

Someone at the game happened to record video of this most momentous occasion so you can judge Monta Jr.'s moves for yourself.

[Thank you to Matt Harrison (@MattNosirraH) for allowing us to showcase his video, and h/t to Jason Gallagher (@jga41agher) for alerting us all to this gem]

Of course, the winner of the Dance Cam Contest does not go home empty handed. What have you won, Monta Jr.?

I mean, but really, we're all winners now. Thank you Monta Ellis, and thank you Monta Ellis Jr. Y'all make the Mavs fun.