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We want your questions for Clips Nation!

The Mavs travel to the City of Angels for a Wednesday rematch against the Clippers, and we want to know what you want to know.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As has become our somewhat regular custom, when we do game previews (at least for the first matchup with a team), we like to reach out to our sister blogs to get their inside perspective on their team. You may recall that Steve Perrin of Clips Nation and I traded some questions and answers just ten days ago.

We decided to play it a little differently this time around. For the Mavs' Wednesday rematch against the Clippers, we'd like to send YOUR questions over to Clips Nation. Obviously a few things have changed for both teams since their meeting on January 3. Chris Paul (having been injured in that very game) isn't back yet, J.J. Redick IS back. For the Mavs, Shawn Marion may or may not be available and Shane Larkin will (likely?) still be questionable.

So, sound off in the comments below with your questions for Steve, and we'll have a follow up post on gameday with Steve's answers for you! (Oh, and I'll be at STAPLES Center for the game along with Steve, so make me proud, Moneyballers!)