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Quoteboard: Dallas Mavericks cruise past Orlando at home

Here's the results from the audio after the home game against the Magic.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

(editor's note: locker room reporting was conducted by Rebecca Lawson, post-game compilation of the audio was done by Tim Cato.)

Rick Carlisle

On what reads he wants to see when Dirk is doubled

Whatever the right read is. If you can get it and attack quick, that's good. If you can split the double and get someone else a shot, or pass that leads to an assist, that's good. We want to attack out of that stuff.

On Wayne Ellington

He did a nice job. He's a solid player. He plays hard on defense, and offensively, he plays within himself. It was good. We had quite a few players who played well. We didn't have any great performances but the important thing was to get the win and keep everyone's minutes reasonable, and we got through it.

On getting the win before a tough upcoming stretch of games

Yeah, we need wins. This [Orlando] is a team that's depleted because of injuries and stuff, but they're an NBA team. They have athletes. They're well coached. They play hard. They're going to make it hard and not just give you the game, so you've got to play. They made a couple of runs at us; we did a good job getting the lead back up and winning the game.

On what impact starting Sam Dalembert provides

We start him because its the best thing for our team. The last three or four games, I like what he's done. His focus has been good, it's evident what he brings to the team. It's good and there's a lot of different lineups that we can use -- as you saw tonight, we probably used more different combinations than we used all year. ... That's a committee position, and who starts is not really that big of deal, probably, in reality. Those guys got to hold the fort collectively.

On Vince's Carter improved play

I like the way Vince is mixing up his game right now. He's mixing in drives, mid-range shots and threes, and his playmaking is there. The important thing is that we keep the game simple for him and he keeps it simple for himself and his teammates, and when he does that, he's still a terrific player.

On keeping the turnovers down

It's so important to us because the turnovers lead to the catastrophic plays on defense that can't be guarded. When you do that, it runs up your defensive points per possession and it makes the game so much more difficult.

Dirk Nowitzki

"How's the arm?"

It's alright.

On the game in general

We did our job. It wasn't pretty there, especially in the third, but got the win and got enough defensive stops. In the first, we set the tone. We got a lead right away, which is really nice for us because sometimes we start a little slow. By the first timeout, if we're up, I usually like our chances.

On what exactly happened on the arm injury

I bruised my tricep first and then I hit my forearm, so I've got a double bruise going on, so I couldn't really shoot. But I was out there trying to win, and I was glad, there in the fourth quarter they really didn't need me anymore, so I was glad to get some rest.

On whether it will linger

No, it's a bruise. We've got 48 hours until next game so there you go.

On winning four in a row and going seven games over .500

It's better than seven games under, which last year definitely happened. That's why we had those bad beards last year.

Wayne Ellington

On having his best night with the Mavericks

It felt good. It always feel good, when you get out there and get a couple of shots going.

On whether he did anything different

Nah, if anything, I wasn't feeling that great at all tonight, coming off of being sick. It felt good once I got in there and I was on a run for a little bit.

On the bench performance as a whole

That's what it's about. When a guy goes down, everybody picks each other up, [and] plays collectively as a group. We did a really good job tonight, got some good looks and got the win.

On his cuts to the basket

It's really just playing basketball. Those guys Monta and Vince that handle the ball well and the guys that were coming off screens were all getting a lot of attention. My man starting cheat down, I saw the opportunity to cut, and I got wide open layups.

Jose Calderon

On playing five games in seven nights

Sometimes you feel more tired, like the other night in San Antonio, when you don't make shots. Then you have some nights, like the back to back with New Orleans, when you make a good percent. You just have to keep doing what you do, working on your shot, keep shooting the ball, and don't start thinking too much. You start thinking too much and you're in trouble.

Magic head coach Jacque Vaughn

On cutting the lead to six in the third quarter

It was a good response from the group after halftime. We had a shot to cut it to six in the third. It was good execution, good looks, but overall great response from our guys over the course of the night.

On how it happened

A few of our shots started going in, and that always helps. I think for the most part throughout the course of the night, we held Dirk in check. I think Vince was pretty impressive tonight. Wayne Ellington making shots, and that kind of created imbalance for us throughout the course of the night.