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QUOTEBOARD: Dallas Mavericks struggle mightily against the Blazers, fall 127-111

The Mavericks' signature victory this year was probably against the Blazers on a Monta buzzer beater. Round two didn't go so well.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle

On whether the team has regressed defensively

We regressed tonight. The first three quarters are beyond embarrassing. We were poor on offense, too, but we weren't together. We weren't playing together. We weren't helping each other. We do that against a quality team - a high level quality team like Portland - they're going to make you pay a heavy price. Other than saying ‘beyond embarrassing,' I don't know what to say. The guys that were in there in the fourth quarter really fought; they won the quarter 41-23, which is great. I'm going to find guys that will fight and get them in the game, simple as that.

On Devin Harris' first game

He's worked hard and he did well considering this is the first game, it's been months and this is a major surgery. It speaks to how hard he's worked. This game gave us an opportunity to get him what would be considered at this extended minutes, 17.5. His workouts have been intense, he's done well with them and he hasn't had any setbacks. He's a guy that can help us for sure.

On whether this is a learning experience or a throwaway game

I'm not throwing it away.

Dirk Nowitzki

On Portland as a whole

They're a tough team to defend. They've got LaMarcus on the block, a lot of shooters, a lot of playmakers. They got really whatever they wanted for three quarters. We've got to complete harder and we know it's a tough back-to-back, but that shouldn't be an excuse to be down 40 in the third.

On why there isn't much progress on defense

Even last night, it wasn't really a defensive game in Phoenix. The league, first of all, there's a lot of scorers in the West. I didn't see the game yesterday, but OKC and Golden State gave each other almost 130. They spread the floor, you got a lot of shooters out there now, and playmakers. There's not going to be games in the 70s like it was. Still, we've got to find a way to be more competitive. ... Like I said, I don't think we're talented enough to coast.

On Devin Harris

I actually liked what I saw. I think he felt good, and that's obviously the number one thing you look at. You can see his rhythm is a little off since he hasn't played since April, but I always say, always look at how he moves, how he cuts and stops and accelerates, and I thought he looked great.

Devin Harris

On being back

It was good to be back out there. Obviously, I would have liked a better result, but you know, just getting in a game rhythm. I felt a lot better in the second half, obviously in the first half I was just going through the game motions, trying to feel my way out there.

On any pain or soreness

No, everything felt good. Just got quality minutes. Something to build upon.

On whether the teammates will have to relearn their roles on the team

I would hope not. It's just learning how to play with the guys I'm out there with, have some sort of rhythm. Obviously, I got to get used to them, they've got to get used to me. I don't think you have to redefine roles.

On where he's going to play

I'm just filling in where I can, I'll see some backup one, backup two, and with our offense, it doesn't really matter. We usually play with two small guards.

On the buzzer beater to end the first quarter

Redemption, after missing two free throws.

On the fan's standing ovation when he checked in

It was great, it was great. Obviously I spent a long time [here], so it was great the way they embraced me.

On playing with Shane in the backcourt

It was great. Obviously, speed kills. He had a great game last night and he came out, I thought had a pretty good night, something to build upon. We'll continue to play with each other and learn from one another.

On what needs to happen on defense

Defensively, we just need to be more together. Tonight, we were spread out, we made a lot of mistakes 1 through 5. I've seen it, we've done it at stretches, but tonight, we didn't bring the energy.

Shane Larkin

On not showing up tonight

Very disappointing for us tonight, we really didn't give the fans anything to cheer about. We didn't come out with intensity, and regardless if it's off a back-to-back, we still got to come out fighting. We didn't fight and they put it on us from the very beginning of the game. It was good for the young guys to get into the game late and rally and play together and kind of bond out there and get some chemistry together. But you never really want to be beat like that at home.

On recovering from a poor first quarter, a trend in recent games

We gave up 71 points in the first half so it was really hard. They had all the momentum and they are a really confident team. They like to play in rhythm and when they have that rhythm, especially from three, it's going to be a long night. You can see what they can do offensively when they get in a rhythm -- just look at their record.

On playing with Devin

Devin and I have gotten really close because we've kind of taken the same path this season. We were both injured, both over there on the bikes in preseason and the first couple games of the season. Then I came back and he was always in my ear, just giving me advice. To just to go out there and play with him after he had my back the whole way was cool. And hopefully we can play together some more and get a good chemistry. I know he played some 2 over in Atlanta last year, so hopefully me and him can get a little chemistry and be able to pack a punch off the bench.

On whether it being the second night of a B2B made an impact on coming out so flat

It's just a tough situation. Not really surprising. I think sometimes we relax because if our offense isn't going, we allow that to effect how we play on the defensive end. Tonight, early in the game, we weren't really shots.

On the Portland ball movement

They're a great team. They get it out, they get in transition, they swing it, they find the open man. Everybody on the court can really shoot it -- even LaMarcus Aldridge can step out and shoot it. They have great spacing and they're always in the right places so they're a great team to beat. If you get them out of their rhythm, that's how you beat them.

Damian Lillard

On him passing the ball

We had a few guys; L.A., Wes, and Nico were making shots so I just played the game. I didn't try to force anything and basically Nico and I ended up switching roles.

On their team rebounding

We knew that we couldn't come in and give them second chances. We both played yesterday and we just wanted to come in and defend as hard as we can and be as consistent as we could.

On how their four game road trip is going

It is good for us and our confidence. Going into these last two it is going to be tough but we have to stay focused and try to go get these next two.

On the fourth quarter comeback turned in by the Mavs

They kind of turned it up when they started trapping and they did a good job of it. It caught us off guard and we could have handled it a little bit better but they surprised us. That was their run. They didn't have a run in the second half and that was their run. The most important thing is that we won the game.

LaMarcus Aldridge

On their play tonight

Guys played great tonight. I thought guys came out defensively guarding guys. I gave them tough looks and I thought offensively we ran the floor and got easy shots."