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Best of 2013: Dallas Mavericks top ten plays video

Do you like excitement and/or basketball? If so, you probably need this Dallas Mavericks top ten video in your life.

This post doubles as an announcement -- I'm happy to say BigPatrys15 will be making some videos for Mavs Moneyball from time to time. The first one, a top ten plays list from the first two months of the season, is above.

Here's the link to Patrys' YouTube channel, which you should subscribe to for awesome NBA videos.

A few observations:

  • Did anyone expect Jose Calderon to show up on this list, much less on a chasedown block?
  • I love Dirk's buzzer beating jumper to end the first half on play #5, but don't overlook the ridiculous 3/4 court pass from Vince Carter to set it up.
  • Are Carter and Shawn Marion the two best highlight makers over the age of 35?
  • I'm sure someone will say Dalembert's dunk is too high at #2, and maybe it is. But in response: the degree of difficulty on that is ridiculously high, and Sam makes it looks graceful. And it's probably the play of his career, so let's just give this one to him.
  • I'd like to see more Brandan Wright for the top ten list we'll publish at the end of the season.
  • One last time, a huge round of applause for Patrys's excellent work with this.

Which play was your favorite? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.