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Mavs Moneyball's top ten commenters for 2013

Are you planning on commenting on this article? Then you might be on this list.

*applause* Carlisle is proud of you guys.
*applause* Carlisle is proud of you guys.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Even if we knew nobody ever read this site, I think the Mavs Moneyball gang would probably do this anyway -- albeit without deadlines and more swear words. But as much as we all love writing about the Mavericks, it's always good to recognize the people who appreciate our work.

Whether your on this list or not, if you've read some of our work, thank you. There's lots of places that write words about the NBA and the Dallas Mavericks, and for us to make your list is an honor.

And of course, we also love the comments. Here's the top ten users by way of comments last year.

Most Comments

veyronp87 - 8624

beachdrifter - 6381

Marjun - 4893

dimitrious - 4471

go87 - 3937

Dynomite - 3908

the new Bradfather - 2569

lemonbrigade - 2242

mike_o - 1875

random90 - 1643

Thanks guys. Who's going to make the list next year? Will VeyronP repeat as comment champion? C'mon beachdrifter, I know you want to take his crown.

Here's to a great year of 2014 for Mavs Moneyball and everyone in our community! Cheers.