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We all win with MMB's participation in the Crown Royal Center Court program

Announcing a new partnership between MMB and Crown Royal, and the chance for our community to win some free swag.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

Do you like the Mavericks? Do you like us here at Mavs Moneyball? Do you want to have a chance to win some fun free stuff?

I thought so.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky has entered into a partnership with the NBA, and Mavs Moneyball is proud to announce their participation in the first-ever Crown's Center Court influencer program comprised of NBA specific team writers from across the nation. As part of MMB's partnership with the NBA and Crown Royal (and you know, since winning is fun) we're going to be having a few contests over the rest of the season that will involve some fun prizes courtesy of Crown Royal. (Unfortunately, due to the nature of the sponsorship, contest participation is limited to our 21+ community members.)

In addition to being able to provide some swag to our readers, all the awesome experiences MMB gets from Crown Royal will help us bring you some extra awesome Mavericks and NBA coverage. To start, Crown Royal is sending MMB to NBA All-Star Weekend next month, so we'll be able to bring you any and all Mavs-related angles coming out of New Orleans.

For now, we just wanted to let you know about this exciting new partnership so you can flex your site participation muscles...if making that Top Ten Commenters list wasn't enough of an incentive for you! Be on the lookout for some contests coming up soon.