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Poll Time! How much better are the Rockets this season?

The Mavs' division rival won the prize of the off-season. How has that get impacted the Rockets?

Bob Levey

Let me take you back to this off-season for a moment. You might remember that our beloved Mavericks, again with some cap space, made a free agency pitch to one Dwight Howard. Wait, what was that? You hadn't heard about that? Well, it happened. And despite all the charm and awesome video skills of Mavs PR, Dwight chose to sign with our division rivals to the south. I can't believe you hadn't heard that.

Heading into this season, Houston was widely regarded as one of the teams to beat in the Western Conference, and the Mavs were, at best, thought to be one of a few teams competing for those seventh and eighth playoff spots. I think it's fair to say that the Mavs have lived up to their preseason expectations -- they have been stuck in that exact position for most of the season.

But what about Houston? They currently sit just a couple spots over the Mavs in most power rankings. Has the addition of the biggest off-season free agency prize worked out as expected for them?

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