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New York Knicks Preview: Q&A with Posting and Toasting

Seth Rosenthal from Posting and Toasting was kind enough to answer a few questions about the New York Knicks before their game against the Dallas Mavericks tonight.


Carmelo Anthony recently returned from injury. How much will his return benefit the Knicks' offense?

It's already helped a lot. Guys missing open shots has been a problem, but they don't even get those open shots with the pick-and-roll guys missing (Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni are hurt, though there's a chance Felton will return Sunday) AND no Melo. He's been shooting pretty well on a still-injured ankle, too.

New York takes and makes the fewest free throws in the league. This is likely related to the obscene amount of jumpers the team makes, With how poorly the Knicks shoot two-pointers, should the team make an effort to draw more fouls.

I'd like to see them drift away from the mid-range in general, whether that's taking more open threes or getting to the line more. Someone like J.R. Smith, who takes a lot of the Knicks' shots on the average night, should definitely be trying to draw contact more with his shot so awry.

Our old pal, Tyson Chandler, has been in and out of the lineup this year. He is currently in the lineup. (For how long is anyone's guess.) Can he alleviate the Knicks' struggles on the glass or is that too much to ask of one oft injured man who looks slightly past his prime?

Chandler helps, but the Knicks need to help him. Too often, guys just let their men challenge Chandler and count on him to defend everyone everywhere. And I'm much more worried about the defense than the glass.

Who is Toure' Murry and what should we know about him?

He's a big, 24 year-old guard the Knicks pulled out of the D-League who looked quite good for them in Summer League. He's finally getting minutes with Prigioni and Felton both out and Beno Udrih as the team's only other ball-handler. He's not particularly refined as a scorer or passer, but he works really hard, has long arms and quick feet to cause trouble on defense, and makes competent enough decisions on the move. That combination pretty much makes him the Knicks' best active point guard for the moment.

Andrea Bargnani. Really?


Thanks, Seth! For more on the New York Knicks, head over to Posting and Toasting.