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Ranking the Rankings, Week 10: Just keep swimming

The Mavs are holding steady in the composite rankings after a 2-2 week ten.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We had so much great content yesterday that we decided to save your weekly dose of power rankings to give you some reading while you wait for tonight's match-up with some team called the Spurs. They're not good, right? Mavs should win this one pretty handily? That's what I thought, great. Glad we're all on the same page.

So, rankings! Keep in mind this does not reflect last night's game against the Lakers. Here we go...

The Rankings


Some observations

  • Not really much to say about the Mavs this week that hasn't been said by our own Hal Brown in this week's Statsketball, which tells you everything you need to know about the playoff race in the West to date. They're winning some and losing some, and as long as they continue to do a little better than break even, they ought to be in good shape for that final playoff spot.
  • My theory for why rankers won't move the Mavs down just yet, even if it seems they could: we've seen them beat the Rockets and Trail Blazers, and fight it out even in losses with almost every top team in the West. They've shown enough to keep them up there, and there's not another team who you can really justify putting ahead of them right now.
  • A lot of rankers in their comments mentioned the Warriors as possibly the best team in the West right now, but none of them were willing to rank them first (though obviously second seemed fine). They're in the middle of a hot streak, and while I'm not sure I'm ready to call them the best team yet...they seem to ride or die, oddly enough, with Iguodala rather than Curry...they're certainly not moving from playoff contention.
  • Still with people not wanting to move the Lakers THAT far down in the rankings, huh? (Two rankers had them 17 and 19, with the other three more towards tanking level depths.) Same thing with the Bobcats and Wizards, really. Those three are the teams rankers have been consistently inconsistent with.
  • Hi Sixers! Do we need to have a talk about how draft order works again? Sheesh, kids these days.


The good outweighs the bad, but the Mavs continue to be a hard team to figure out. They've won four straight on the road (scoring 109.4 points per 100 possessions) and have lost four straight at home (allowing 111.7).


It took the Mavs until Feb. 1 last season to win 20 games. So after they blew home dates with the vulnerable Clips and shaky Knicks, right on the heels of teasing road wins in Chicago, Minnesota and Washington to get to 19-13, who could be surprised that the ever-blunt Dirk Nowitzki erupted?

CBS Sports:

Showing some grit to hang on when things got rocky there for a bit. The defense is still the weak point, that's not changing any time soon.