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Moneyball Roundtable: 1/9 Edition

Questions and answers on things relevant to the Mavericks

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

Would you sign Andrew Bynum for vet min? Reports indicate the Mavericks may have interest.

Alan Smithee (@SmitheeMMB) - Yes. Yes, muchly. Obviously, Bynum has baggage. An airport's worth of baggage, perhaps, from his health and conditioning to his attitude and the fact that he might not even particularly like basketball. Still, for the veteran minimum I don't see much downside. Dallas has plenty of stabilizing forces in the locker room and front office. They have a great coach. And Bynum is a skilled 26-year-old 7 footer with a strong statistical record. Lamar Odom didn't work out, but I don't think Bynum's problems are of the same nature, and Odom's price tag was much higher.

Doyle Rader (@TheKobeBeef) - He has proven that he still has value on the court. Certainly, he is still young and can contribute solid minutes and be generally productive. However, he just cannot seem to fit himself into anything reminiscent of a cohesive locker room. Since leaving the Lakers, he has been nothing but trouble. Hell, he was trouble in L.A. If he can't be bothered to listen to the likes of Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant, then what are the odds he will shape up under the reins of Rick Carlisle, Dirk Nowitzki, and the rest of the veteran core? Slim to none I'm guessing. Look, there are tons to like about Bynum besides his attitude. His hair, for one, is amazing. That doesn't mean that he is worth the trouble. I, for one, would not sign him.

Kirk Henderson (@KirkSeriousFace) - No. His value on the basketball court is questionable; basically he's fine offensively but defensively he doesn't even care to rotate. The Mavericks have enough defensive problems. Additionally, he's someone who has a negative reputation at all three of his spots. Dallas has a good locker room culture, but I don't think you can overcome Bynum's bad mojo when the team has enough to focus on as is. Not to mention, with 15 guaranteed contracts, who does Dallas waive to make room?

If Luol Deng makes it FA, do you offer him a contract? If so, what would you offer him? If not, why not?

Kirk Henderson (@KirkSeriousFace) - This is going to happen, make no mistake about it. In my opinion, Dallas should go after the true prize in 23 year old, unrestricted free agent Lance Stephenson, but that won't happen because it makes too much sense. Instead, the front office will look to fill holes and small forward will be a gaping one in the off season, no matter if Shawn Marion returns or not. I wouldn't offer Deng a contract. He has a ton of miles on his body, he deals with injuries a lot, he's not a great three point shooter. If Dallas wants to continue to fight off the slow decline, sure, offer him a three year, $10 million a year deal (I wouldn't give him more than $8 or $9).

Doyle Rader (@TheKobeBeef) - Why not? Thibodeau hasn't run him into the ground yet, has he? Deng is a good two-way player and can shoot jumpers. The Mavs love to shoot jumpers. However, I don't feel that the Mavs should toss a lot of money his direction. Though Thibs hasn't run him into the ground, he has a lot of miles on him. A veteran minimum seems too low with money being thrown about as if it grew on trees in all the major sports. What is more likely, AKA what will happen, is that Deng will chase the money. Sure, the Mavs have Cuban's wallet on their side, but are they a championship caliber team as assembled? No, they aren't. If Deng hits the free market, he will look to go to a team that can pay him and has a title shot. This is not to say that Dallas shouldn't make him an offer. They should. It is more a matter of how tantalizing an option the Mavs are right now.

Alan Smithee (@SmitheeMMB) - For me, the amount I'd give Deng would depend on how the guard and center positions had been addressed. It's becoming clear that Dallas needs a Monta-mate, someone who can handle/defend/shoot, and also a two-way threat at center as Tjarks astutely pointed out. Contrary to my previous thinking, that may mean small forward is a fill-in. If the Mavs do fill out the roster well enough to allocate serious FA cash to small forward, I would certainly Deng. He defends and can score a bit, although he isn't a great three-point shooter, which might push Dallas to look in another direction. Like Danny Granger's