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Weekend poll: Biggest concern for the Mavericks?

After two preseason games, what do you see as the biggest holes on this year's Mavericks?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that this year's version of the Mavs is exciting on paper. They have what appears to be an equally explosive offense to last year, an improved defense, and a bench that, if not quite as good as last year's on paper, certainly has a chance to be. In the first couple of preseason games, we've seen with Dirk's and Monta's absence that the Mavs can still do some creative things with scoring. (Thank you, Rick Carlisle.)

That said, as with all teams, there are concerns. Certainly if Dirk goes down for any extended period of time, there isn't much depth behind him. With Felton out for some period of time, backcourt depth may also become an issue. (Gal Mekel had a nice game last night though, no?) And Nelson doesn't appear to add much more than Calderon (which was nothing) in terms of defense.

So: what is your biggest concern for this year's team? Vote in the poll below then sound off in the comments!

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